A Willington Film producer has achieved his dream of his work being played in the cinema.

Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard has written and directed his own mini horror franchise using actors from the local area and filming at venues like The Manor House Hotel, West Auckland, The Quarry Burn, Hunwick and The Black Horse, Willington.

Dean invented the characters Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine, so far, the three films have reached over 45,000 views and been viewed at festivals around the World.

The pair will come together in his fourth film called ‘Dolly vs Eve.’ Amazingly for the team, the film will be Premiered at the Durham Odeon Luxe in late October.

Dean said: “We don’t earn any money from these films, we do it because we love making them, I would just like to thank the cast and crew of the films and everyone who helped make this dream come true.”